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LifeWell Hills works under the community arm of Mt Barker Baptist Church. The centre offers professional services by a variety of practitioners, as well as courses that assist people to live life well.

Through an integrated service approach, LifeWell Hills enables people to grow and change in an atmosphere of care and acceptance. We offer personal counselling, massage therapy, nutrition & family therapy, as well as mediation/conflict resolution.Our aim is to give quality service as we endeavour to help people bring wholeness to their lives (emotional, physical and spiritual) and to help them Live Life Well.

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Please note: The use of the term "practitioner" does not imply registered health practitioners.

Our Services


LifeWell Counselling is an ethical and professional service which is part of the LifeWell approach to holistic care and is available for individuals, couples, families and children.


LifeWell Massage is an ethical and professional service which is part of the LifeWell approach to holistic care. 

Clinical Nutrition Assessment and Support

LifeWell Nutrition offers a holistic approach for living life well.


LifeWell provides a range of courses that have been designed to meet the needs of people searching for wholeness.

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Our Care Practitioners

Ian Richards

Counsellor & Mediator

BA Couns, MA Mediation, FDRP, MRI, MPACFA

Ian is a Counsellor and Mediator who delivers a tailored and compassionate approach to every one of his unique clients. He loves being in the presence of creation and has recently taken up sky diving as a hobby.

Ian is an academic teacher, professional counsellor, clinical supervisor, and national accredited mediator who has been working in the field of counselling, teaching, and team developing since the late 90’s. His expertise has helped many people and groups develop new ideas, skills, and achieve common goals.

Ian is a full member of the Resolution Institute, an NMAS Nationally Accredited Mediator, registered as a FDRP with the Federal Attorney General’s Department, a Referred Mediator for the Supreme Court, and a Clinical Member of PACFA.

Some of Ian’s areas of expertise are:

  • Family Mediation
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Family Law and Court Matters
  • Personal Development
  • Parenting Plans
  • Property Settlement



  • Initial (1.25 hrs) – $150
  • Standard (1 hour) – $125


  • Initial (1 hour) – $150 per person
  • Subsequent – $125 per person per hour or part thereof

After hours surcharge  $20.00

(Private Health Insurance Rebates may be available)

Contact: 0402 125 806

Marg Westphal


BASS (Couns)
Member Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

Marg is well qualified for her role as a counsellor, including rural and remote regions. She has also spent many years living on rural farming properties, including the griefs, losses and lessons learnt that come with bushfires, family mental illnesses and isolation. In addition, she raised three daughters, and for many years managed the financial and care needs of her aged parents until their passing. In her childhood years, Marg lived in Eastern Africa in both large cities and remote villages, experiencing first-hand the realities of civil war.

In addition to her Bachelor of counselling, she has also studied Anthropology, Child Mental Health and was Coordinator for Disaster and Recovery Ministries in her region. She is also a qualified Home Tutor aiding immigrants in learning English as a second language, as well as assisting their assimilation into Australian culture and workplace. Marg works in the areas of but not limited to, grief and loss, anxiety and depression, child/parent support and relationship counselling.

Her practical experience includes many years of leadership in working with children, mentoring teenagers at risk, and providing pastoral care and leadership in Christian communities. Marg’s life experiences, training and natural empathy equip her to journey with others seeking better outcomes in life.


Counselling - Individuals

  • Initial (75 mins) – $145
  • Standard (1 hour) – $120

Counselling - Couples

  • Initial (85 mins) – $150
  • Standard (1 hour) – $125

After hours surcharge  $20.00

(Private Health Insurance Rebates may be available)

Miriam Lovelock


PACFA Certified Practicing Counsellor reg. 28192; Grad Dip Divinity;
Cert IV in AOD; Master of Counselling Practice (Current)

Miriam has worked in the helping professions for seven years helping clients work through relationship issues, depression, anxiety and addiction. With this experience, she brings an authentic and compassionate approach to individual and couples counselling. She is passionate about helping clients to tell their stories in a safe environment, to work through their issues, to heal and to work alongside them to create a life of depth and meaning

Miriam’s areas of interests include grief and loss, couples therapy and the incorporation of faith and meaning in our lives. She maintains a client-centred approach and that a good cup of tea can’t solve everything - but it can help.


  • 50 minutes – $125

Contact: 0492 894 053

Alison Rogers


Grad Cert Couns & Family Therapy; Adv. Dip. Couns; Cert IV Couns;  Clinical Registrant CCAA & member PACFA

Alison is a warm, compassionate and practical counsellor who loves to see clients empowered to change their challenges and struggles into areas of growth. With a trauma informed approach, she uses a selection of therapies including CBT, Narrative Therapy & Psychotherapy. She is genuinely interested in people and helping them navigate through a wide variety of issues including:

  • stress
  • grief
  • anxiety
  • loss
  • complex family dynamics
  • depression
  • communication
  • abusive relationships
  • marital issues
  • discovering authentic identity.

As a counsellor who is a Christian, her approach is founded in evidence based models of therapy that have their roots in biblical principles. These include a profound respect for the client's inherent value and belief in their freedom to choose their own strength-based path.



  • Initial Consultation – $120
  • Subsequent – $100

Couples / Family

  • Initial Consultation – $145
  • Subsequent– $120

(Private Health Insurance Rebates may be available)

Mobile: 0413 569 990


    Addictions, Anger Management, Anxiety, Childhood Abuse, Depression, Emotional & Physical Abuse, Emotional Crisis, Grief, Loss, Trauma, Healthy Boundaries, Life Transitions, Relationships, Self Esteem, Sexual Issues, Stress Management


      Affairs, Trust Issues, Emotional Crisis, Family Conflict, Pre-Marriage, Separation Issues, Mediation


        Adolescents, Children, Communication, Conflict, Mediation, Parenting

        Helen Birch


        Bachelor of Applied Social Science – Counselling Major, Diploma of Christian Ministry, Member of Australian Counselling Assoc.

        Essentially a people person, Helen has spent most of her life working or volunteering within the community services sector, from Aged Care, Student Counselling to Chaplaincy. Having walked alongside many people in their time of need, Helen appreciates that every person has a story that is unique and valuable, and worth listening to. Giving people time to talk, is at the heart of Helen’s person centred counselling approach, as often found within each story, are keys for positive change. Everyone has inner strengths, but sometimes those strengths are not realised. One of Helen’s passions is to help people unlock those inner strengths, empowering them to discover solutions that previously were unseen.

        Helen prefers an integrative approach, that is compassion based, utilising a variety of modalities such as Narrative, Solution Focussed and Cognitive Behaviour Therapies, as well as Positive Psychology tools to help her clients in moving forward. Helen aims to assist individuals who are struggling with issues such as:

        • Stress and Anxiety/Panic Attacks
        • Life Transitions
        • Grief & Loss
        • Loneliness
        • Self-worth
        • Coping/Resilience
        • Self-care and Mindfulness


        (Private Health Insurance rebates may be available)

        • Initial (75 mins) – $110
        • Subsequent (1 hour) – $95

        Phone: (08) 7184 0737

        Website: designedtoflourish.com.au

        Sonia Kretschmer

        Massage Therapist

        Diploma Remedial Massage

        Sonia has lived in the Adelaide Hills for over 15 years and loves working locally in the Hills community. Sonia works predominantly with children as an Occupational Therapist and wanted to expand on supporting people in their health and wellness so decided to study Remedial Massage at The Australian Institute of Fitness.

        There are so many benefits to massage for the entire body that enable individuals to function well in their daily lives. Sonia enjoys working in a team that can provide holistic care, volunteering in Kids Church, and teaching dance.


        Relaxation Remedial
        30 mins $50 $55
        1 hour $70 $80

        (Private Health Insurance Rebates may be available)

        Mark Finlay

        Spiritual Direction

        Dip. Theology; Member ANSD (Aust Network for Spiritual Direction); Member Ecumenical Spiritual Directors Association of SA

        Mark brings a wealth of life and Christian ministry experience to his role as Spiritual Director, including many years of talking about Christian spirituality in the context of religious education in government (and non-government) schools through theatre and story-telling.  More recently he spent a number of years living and working in a remote Aboriginal community in the western desert region.  As well as offering spiritual direction, he and his wife live as house parents in a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at Tumbelin Farm in the Adelaide Hills.

        He has a long-term interest in contemplative prayer practices, and is extremely interested in the ways in which human beings experience God as active and meaningful in their lives. As a practice of stopping to pay attention, spiritual direction can be a very fruitful aid in helping us to notice God’s activity and therefore to developing our sense of God with us in the midst of all the present realities of our unique existence.  Mark aims to create a sense of sacred space where those present realities can be purposefully explored and the traces of God that are discerned there attended to.

        Mark graduated from the Spiritual Direction formation program at Tabor College, Adelaide with a Diploma of Theology in 2021 and is a member of the Ecumenical Spiritual Directors Association of SA and the Australian Network of Spiritual Directors.

        He is bound by the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction’s Code of Ethics for Spiritual Directors. This can be viewed at http://spiritualdirection.org.au/resources/code-of-ethics/

        Mobile: 0413 764 760

        Email: sd.under.the.appletree@gmail.com


        • $60 per one-hour session

        Sharon Allen

        Counsellor and Psychotherapist

        Dip Counselling & Communication, Bachelor of Behavioural Science, Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy. Member of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

        With a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Sharon comes with an extensive theoretical knowledge of Counselling and Psychology, along with practical experience in residential support for young Indigenous children, family carers and school chaplaincy. Sharon also has other qualifications in Forensic Psychology, Philosophy and Family History.

        Mindful of the stories clients bring to counselling, Sharon uses a Person-Centred approach that sits alongside Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Trauma Informed Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and a Strengths-Based approach. She understands the significance of the links between childhood trauma and the effect on the present and future. Collaborating with the client to explore the most effective approach will promote clarity with clients and together will find holistic ways for positive change.

        Sharon has a keen interest in Personality Psychology and is accredited in the “Disc Personality Profile” system and basic training in the Enneagram. Their use in the counselling space opens opportunities for exploring clients' “inner self” and assists with e.g. changing habits and relationship issues. Sharon also is experienced in coordinating services and supporting disability clients with NDIS plans.

        Mobile: 0431 990 310

        Email: Sharon.Allen@outlook.com.au



        • First session (75 minutes) $95.00
        • Subsequent sessions (60 minutes) $80.00

        Rachel Baldwin


        BASS (Couns); Cert IV Pastoral Care
        Member Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

        Rachel is a compassionate, down-to-earth counsellor who considers it a great privilege to listen to people’s stories and support them as they seek to overcome challenges and move towards a more fulfilling life. Rachel prefers an integrative approach, which seeks to tailor therapeutic approaches to the needs of each individual client.

        As a former pastoral care worker, Rachel has experience in providing support for individuals, young people, and their families. During her time working in a busy, regional high school, Rachel was able to help young people with issues such as friendships, anxiety, panic attacks, and academic pressures. A key focus of her work was supporting young people and families affected by grief and loss, which included providing grief education to small groups of students, using the Seasons for Growth program. Rachel has also facilitated groups for girls, ,providing a safe space for discussions around topics such as healthy relationships, positive body image and friendships.

        Rachel loves supporting parents and caregivers in the important work that they do. Having raised three sons, she is aware of the many challenges and pressures parents can face. Rachel has experience in helping young people and their caregivers where there has been a breakdown in the parent/child relationship.

        Rachel’s areas of interest also include issues involving coercive control, cultic groups, and spiritual abuse. As someone who has experienced first-hand the harmful effects of a controlling religious environment, Rachel is passionate about helping others similarly affected to find healing and freedom.

        Mobile: 0448 692 433

        Email: baldwinrachel89@gmail.com


        Counselling- Individuals

        • $80 per hour

        Dr Timothy Hsi

        Educator, Psychotherapist, Coach

        Dr Timothy Hsi is a counsellor educator, psychotherapist and coach.

        With over 2 decades of counselling and psychotherapy work, Dr Tim now specialises in working with clients presenting with trauma related issues. As part of the specialty, Dr Tim utilises Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy as the main treatment protocol to assist clients to heal and recover from their traumatic memories.

        While trauma can take many different forms, the ideal clients that Dr Tim works with may be experiencing a variety of symptoms related to their trauma, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, and avoidance behaviours. Usually, these symptoms have a significant impact on the client's daily life, making it difficult for them to function at work, home, or in social situations. To read more about EMDR, click here: https://www.points-of-you.com.au/post/briefofemdr

        Apart from his psychotherapy practice, Dr Tim is also a senior lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) teaching into the Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy course and is also actively volunteering as the Founding President of the Career Development Association of Singapore (CDAS). He also volunteers as a member of the editorial board at the Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia (PACJA) and Asia Pacific Career Development Journal.


        • Doctor in Education - Dual degrees (University College London and Nanyang Technological University)
        • Master in Guidance and Counselling (James Cook University)


        • Australian Counselling Association, Level 4
        • EMDR Institute

        Session Fee: $160 per session

        Pay By: Cash, Electronic Funds Transfer, Mastercard, Visa

        Accepted Private Health Insurance Plans (Check with your insurer for the amount of rebate coverage from your plan)

        • AHM Health
        • Bupa
        • Doctors Health Fund
        • Medibank Private
        • Police Health
        • Teachers Union Health
        • Phoenix Health
        • Emergency Services Health
        • St Luke’s Health

        To book a session with Dr Tim, please contact:

        Mobile: 0435 036 046

        Email: hello@points-of-you.com.au


        More to come

        LifeWell is continually looking for resources and courses that allow people to "Live Life Well".

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