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About Us

LifeWell Central is a faith-based service centre of Enfield Baptist Church which aims to help people live life well through access to high quality care and recovery services for the whole Person (Emotional, Physical, Spiritual) delivered on an individual or small group basis.

Through an integrated service approach, LifeWell Central enables people to grow and change in an atmosphere of care and acceptance. We offer personal counselling, massage therapy, social work, nutrition & family therapy, as well as mediation/conflict resolution. Services are available for both adults and children. Our aim is to give quality service as we endeavour to help people bring wholeness to their lives and to help them Live Life Well. Check out our range of care practitioners to see who might be best able to support you.

To book an appointment call us on (08) 8261 1844 or contact the care practitioner directly. For all other enquiries use the contact form below.

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Please note: The use of the term "practitioner" does not imply registered health practitioners.

Our Services


LifeWell Counselling is an ethical and professional service which is part of the LifeWell approach to holistic care and is available for individuals, couples, families and children.


LifeWell Massage is an ethical and professional service which is part of the LifeWell approach to holistic care. 

Professional Supervision

Individuals and Groups.

Clinical Nutrition Assessment and Support

LifeWell Nutrition offers a holistic approach for living life well.

Online Christian Meditation

Thursdays weekly during school terms.
10am (ACST).
To register and for the Zoom link, please contact (08) 8261 1844 or jenni@enfieldbaptist.com.au.

Groups - Careforce Lifekeys Programs

LifeWell Central provides a range of courses that have been designed to meet the needs of people searching for wholeness.

 Check out dates of courses

Our Care Practitioners

Carol Kerrigan


Graduate Certificate CFT

Carol has been counselling for 15years, previously Carol and her husband were in full time ministry for 18 years. 

She studied through AIFC Australian Institute of family Counselling.

Carol Counsels in Marriage, family relationships, pre-marriage, divorce, Grief and loss, stress, anxiety, anger management depression and many other areas

She also specializes in counselling Pastors and Leaders.

Her therapy explores family of origin with a Christian emphasis to her counselling.

She has been married for 39 years has 3 adult sons and 6 grand grandchildren.

Mobile: 0410 567 479


  • $90 for a 1 hour session

Anna Villani


Graduate Certificate CFT

Anna has recently celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary and is a mother of three daughters.

She studied at the Australian Institute of Family Counselling (AIFC), achieving an Advanced Diploma, and vocational graduate certificate in both individual and family therapy.

Anna is also a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

She has been counselling for 15 years focusing on marriage, relationships, grief & loss, depression & anxiety, abuse & trauma, addiction and much more.

Mobile: 0450 007 083


  • $90/hour & hcc $80/hour

Daniel Sin


Psychotherapist, BA Psch, Grad Dip Coun & Psychotherapy, Adv DDP

Daniel’s client list is currently FULL and he is unable to take on any new clients.

Daniel’s approach to life as well as therapy has evolved from his experiences having grown up in three countries. Although no struggle is the same between one individual and another, he believes we share a common pain that is both deep and universal, despite the circumstances. His purpose is to support anyone who seeks strength and courage, not only to survive hurt and fear but also to thrive and find joy so that everyone can learn to grow in power, love and a sound mind.

Daniel works with a therapy dog called Chip whose hair does not shed. Please let Daniel know in advance if anyone attending counselling is afraid of or allergic to dogs.

For existing clients only call Sarah on  0423 131 372 for any appointment details.

Ali Friedrich

Counsellor - Social Worker

Ali Friedrich is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with over 20 years experience working with families, couples, and individuals who have struggled with life challenges. She has extensive experience counselling children who have struggled with a wide range of social and emotional issues.

With a strong commitment to working closely with parents to support their children’s developmental needs, Ali is also passionate and experienced in assisting adults explore their emotional distress and supporting them on their journey to recovery.

She provides counselling for:

  • The impact of Domestic Violence
  • Attachment disruptions
  • Grief and loss
  • Anxiety and depression issues
  • Parenting struggles
  • Neurodevelopmental issues/needs
  • Peri-natal, post-natal and infant mental health

Payment and rebate options:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) self-managed or plan-managed
  • Private Health Insurance under the ‘extras’ cover.
  • Medicare rebate available via a Mental Health Care Plan

Session options: Individual or Family Interventions, Group Work and Professional Supervision

Mobile: 0404 666 392

Email: friedrichali@gmail.com

Karen Grieger

Counsellor and ACA Accredited Supervisor

Online and telephone counselling available

Karen is an ACA accredited Counsellor with 20 years of experience and is motivated by a genuine desire to support individuals, couples, families and children to build resilience and to reach their full potential in their relationships and in their lives.

Karen responds to the needs of the whole person – mentally, emotionally and spiritually and uses a wide range of modalities to achieve positive outcomes and believes that all individuals are unique and should be treated with compassion, dignity and respect.

With many years of experience, Karen has worked with a wide range of issues some of which include:

Grief and loss – Lifestyle change – Relationship Counselling – Family Counselling – Communication and Conflict Resolution – Suicide – Relaxation

Using a reflective and strengths based approach Karen has a warm and engaging manner and works to create a sense of trust, resilience and hope.

Clinical Supervision

Karen is also an experienced ACA Accredited Clinical Supervisor who recognises the importance of Supervision as an opportunity for growth, learning and reflection. Karen provides individual Supervision and Group Supervision.

Mobile: 0404 367 927


  • $90 counselling/hour
  • $100 supervision/hour
  • $70 group supervision/2 hours

Kelli Kieselbach

Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

BHSc (NutDMed), Adv Dip (Nat), Adv Dip (WHM)
Registered Professional member with ANTA

Kelli is a qualified Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist with a passion for making people’s lives a whole lot healthier and happier using a holistic and natural approach that is grounded in the latest scientific evidence.

Kelli has a special interest in pain and fatigue management and is experienced in working with chronic fatigue syndrome, post-viral syndrome, fibromyalgia and other "invisible illnesses". Kelli is passionate about helping others to live with less pain and more energy by providing effective, individualised treatment within a compassionate environment.

During an initial consultation Kelli takes a thorough assessment of your health and together we can determine your health priorities and goals. A treatment plan tailored to your needs will be provided outlining evidence-based dietary and lifestyle strategies and supplement recommendations when appropriate. Follow-up appointments involve a review of health progress and adapting recommendations as required to ensure safe and effective treatment.

Kelli can assist with a range of conditions including…

  • Digestive complaints
  • ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia
  • Glandular fever and Long COVID
  • Low mood, stress and anxiety
  • Fatigue and poor sleep
  • Arthritis, gout and osteoporosis
  • Allergies, autoimmune diseases and frequent infections
  • Cardiovascular disease, metabolic health & weight gain
  • PMS, endometriosis, perimenopause

As your Naturopath and Nutritionist, it is my aim to support and empower you on your way to better health.

Mobile: 0479 196 021

Website: www.kellik.com.au 


  • Initial (1 hour) – $135
  • Follow-up (30 mins) – $85
  • Under 13 initial – $120
  • Under 13 follow-up – $75

* Nutritional and herbal supplements, if required, are not included in consultation fee.

Lorraine Wiskich

Massage  / Beauty Therapist

Lorraine has been involved in the makeup and beauty industry for more than 20 years. She is the founder of Lorraine's Image Workshop, a successful image consultancy in Hong Kong, where she partnered with many famous actors, celebrities, professionals and organizations. She is also a professional tutor with 15 years of experience teaching beauty and makeup, and holds an ITEC certificate in Beauty Therapy, a Frederique Academy diploma in Beauty Therapy and Makeup, an Eve Taylor ICA diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy, and City & Guilds diplomas in Teaching, Training, Management, and Learning and Development. She continues to study hard and is currently completing a diploma of remedial massage.  She speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Lorraine has loved beauty since she was a child, and God has given her a sense of beauty, which has made Lorraine the person she is today. Today, she brings this passion and gift for beauty into this community as part of her new business, Amazing Beauty Plus. 

Services are now being provided to the community. You are welcome to enquire and experience Lorraine's talents for yourself.

Mobile: 0434 370 128


  • Massage / Skin Care –
    Wednesday to Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm
  • Hair / Makeup –
    Any day, 9:00am-6:00pm


  • 60 mins massage – $70
  • 90 mins massage – $95
  • Skin Care / Facial – from $80
  • Hair / Makeup – please message Lorraine

Mary Raschella


Master of Counselling Practice, PGdip Health Couns., BSoc.Sci (Human Services), Cert 4 in TAE

Mary is a qualified, PACFA accredited counsellor. She offers a caring, empathic, person-centred and strength based approach. Mary believes that struggles and suffering are part of being human. She believes connecting to a safe, secure base is often what is needed to heal along with discovering your inner resources and strength. She offers a calm space to walk alongside you, establish some goals and connect you to a life of hope and meaning.

Mary draws from an integrated approach which encompass body, mind, emotion and spirit while drawing on modalities such as Acceptance Commitment therapy, Emotions Focussed therapy, Somatic and attachment science. She also offers Christian counselling.

Mary offers counselling to individuals, children, young people, parents and families in a number of areas including:

Anxiety, Stress, Coping skills, Depression, Grief, Trauma, Parenting and Family Issues, School Issues, Self-esteem and Life transitions.

She is an experienced group therapist and Circle of Security facilitator supporting parents and educators on their journey towards attachment and safety.

Mary is married and a mum to three young people who has recently welcomed a new puppy into her home. She enjoys spending time with her family, in nature, bike-riding and cooking delicious food!

Mobile: 0459 722 693

Email: mary@calmconnectionscounselling.com.au

Website: www.calmconnectionscounselling.com.au


  • Please see website for fees and concessions.

Virginia Shek

Counsellor & Pastoral Supervisor

M Counselling Pract., Grad.Cert.Min.(Supervision), CPE,
MSc Psych., MA Bible & Church Man., BSc Bus. Econ.

Mobile: 0422 881 879

Email: soulcare.virginia@gmail.com

Website: www.soulcare-virginia.com.au

Virginia is a caring and qualified counsellor, psychotherapist, psychologist, chaplain and pastoral supervisor. She is keen on walking alongside people and helping them flourish in their life journey.

She has extensive experience working with students, families, couples, individuals and religious workers in different settings including school, tertiary institution, hospital, church and community centre. Virginia uses a person-centred approach in the therapeutic process, applying different modalities to meet each individual's unique needs.

In addition to English, Virginia speaks German & Chinese (中文輔導).

Counselling Services:
Christian Counselling 基督教輔導
Student Counselling 學生輔導
Relationship Counselling 婚姻輔導
Family Relationships/Parenting
Grief and loss 哀傷輔導
Upsetting personal issues and emotional
distress 個人及情緒困擾
Personal growth and development
Depression and Anxiety 抑鬱和焦慮
Life transitions 生活轉變
Burnout 心理耗竭
Stress Management 處理壓力


  • Counselling $100 per session
  • Pastoral supervision

(please call to discuss)

Tanya Kavina


Tanya has completed her Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy with the Australian College of Applied Professions. She has also completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of South Australia. She is kind, genuine, caring and has a passion for helping others, whether that be helping people achieve their goals or just being a listening ear.

Tanya uses a range of modalities including person-centred therapy to be able to understand individuals issues in a non-judgemental manner. She is passionate about helping others through their own personal struggles and walks through life.

She believes that we are alive to change at any moment of our lives, so why not start today?

She is accredited with the CCAA and PACFA.

Mobile: 0414 258 389

Email: tanya@lwswc.com.au

Website coming soon.


  • $90 per hour session
  • Concession available

Dr Dalbir Gill


Registered General Psychologist

Hi all, I’m a Psychologist who practices through Lifewell, welcome to this page! If you are looking for a safe space to talk through difficulties, with a view to bring better understanding and hope to emotional pain, I am here to offer my support in mapping out a journey for your therapy as a path to recovery.

If you want to learn more about yourself, understand your life in the context of the past, navigate and make sense of complex feelings, want to find a place in the world, explore and manage difficult thoughts or behaviors for change, tolerate uncertainties around the future, or something similar I am here to help.

Therapeutic Approach: I trained in London through a Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, to develop an Integrative approach to therapy, with the Therapeutic Relationship at the centre of a Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic (CBT) framework, underpinned by various Psychotherapeutic principles.

Scope of Practice: I have worked in diverse Mental Health settings for over 20 years, ranging from GP and Private practice, through to University, Public sector, Community, Inpatient, and Residential units. I am experienced in working with Individuals (Adults) with mild to moderate Mental Health difficulties, including but not limited to:

Depression; Anxiety; Trauma; Relationship Difficulties; Stress and Burnout; Grief and Loss; Life Transitions and Adjustment Issues; Cultural Dissonance

Some conditions may benefit from GP referral to Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry or Specialist services and if this is the case, we will discuss this during the initial appointment. If you require a Medico-Legal Report (e.g. for Centrelink, Insurance, Workcover, VOC, DCP, Immigration) you are encouraged to find a Psychologist with relevant experience in such areas. If you are in acute distress/require priority attendance, please contact Mental Health Triage on 13 14 65 for support, or, if in crisis call 000.

Mode of Delivery: Tele-psych for therapy amidst the comfort of your own home. This can help in committing to therapeutic change, though, some presentations may be less conducive to this modality so suitability will be considered together in the first session.

Fee: Please call to discuss, as concessions, subsidies, and Medicare rebates may apply, to help with the cost, depending on your situation.

Mobile: 043 170 9150

Medicare Rebates: When payment for a session has been completed in full, you can claim the rebate (partial refund of the session fee) back into your account direct from Medicare or the MyGov app (if linked).

Sharyn Duckworth


Bachelor of Social Sciences and Counselling 

Sharyn has been married for 36 years and has three young adult children. She has studied at Tabor College and has a Bachelor of Social Sciences and Counselling degree. She is passionate about people flourishing holistically.

Sharyn counsels in areas such as identity, self esteem, grief, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, marriage, pre marriage, child and adolescent issues.

Mobile: 0438 892 501


  • $80 per hour session

Rachael Burden


Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences (Counselling)
PACFA member number: 29564

Rachael is an enthusiastic counsellor who is passionate about including a client’s faith and/or spirituality into her counselling practice. Having experience with both children and adults, she is versatile in her approach, adapting to the person seated in the room with her

When counselling, Rachael is respectful, empathic and warm to support and provide a welcoming environment to first time clients. She is capable of supporting a variety of needs from seeking help with emotions and relationships to mental health needs and everything in between. Some modalities that Rachael is familiar with include; Solution Focused Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

When she’s not in the counselling office, Rachael is spending time with her family and busy juggling her infant daughter and cheeky puppy - you’ll probably find her at the dog park sipping a coffee!

Email: rachael.burden.17@gmail.com


  • $90 per hour for individuals
  • $120 per hour for couples

Louise Nenasheff


Graduate Certificate in Counselling, Bachelor of Counselling, Advanced Diploma in Counselling, Diploma in Counselling
Certified Sex Addiction Candidate (IITAP), ACA Level 2 Member No. 17481, CCAA Provisional Member No. 501413

My name is Louise, and my husband of 24 years and I have six children. Some of our children are being schooled at home whilst others are in the school system (public and private). In light of this, I am aware of the challenges and joys that parenting and family life bring.

In life, we face challenging and difficult events and sometimes it helps to talk these over with someone outside of the situation. As a counsellor, I can ‘walk alongside you’ during these times and help you uncover and move forward in areas you may feel ‘stuck’ in.

I provide a confidential, friendly, caring and non-judgemental space for you to talk openly and honestly about life’s current challenges. Looking at your emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs with a client centred approach, I aim to see you come to a place of growth, healing and freedom.

I can help in areas of: infidelity, pornography, sex addiction, sexual abuse, general wellbeing, relationship difficulties, depression, stress, anxiety, goal setting, grief and loss, suicidal thoughts and lifestyle changes.

I have a special interest in helping people navigate and overcome the challenges they face due to living in a highly sexualised society. For this reason, I am currently furthering my education by studying a Master of Science in Medicine (Sexual and Reproductive Health in Psychosexual Therapy).

Please access my website for further information and to book an appointment. I provide both online (Zoom) and in person appointments. I am a registered provider with some health funds. If you have private health cover you may be eligible for a rebate depending on your level of cover.

Website: www.louisenenasheffcounselling.com

Mobile: 0417 813 663


  • $100/hour for individuals
  • $120/hour or $160/1½ hours for couples
  • After hours appointments surcharge $20

    Maria Tam


    Maria holds a Master’s degree in Counselling and has worked with clients from diverse backgrounds, addressing a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, PTSD, domestic violence, study or work-related stress, ADHD, ASD, grief and loss, and addiction.

    Passionate about languages and cultures, she has worked with people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, providing counselling services in different languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish, and Japanese. She also obtained a Master’s degree in Education at the University of Western Australia and enjoys working with young people.

    Maria is empathic and passionate about her work. She actively listens to understand people’s needs and assists them in a non-judgmental way. She uses a person-centred approach and believes that each person has the ability to make positive changes in life. She is flexible with the therapeutic modalities that she uses, as she believes that each person is unique in terms of needs and personality.

    Maria can work with different issues which include but are not limited to:

    • Anxiety
    • ASD/ ADHD
    • Depression
    • Trauma
    • PTSD
    • Domestic Violence
    • Grief and loss
    • Study or work-related stress
    • Relationship issues
    • Marriage counselling

    Maria can speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

    Mobile: 0466 867 699

    Email: mariatamcounselling@gmail.com

    Website: mariatamcounselling.au


    • Individual counselling $90/ hour
    • Couples counselling $110/ hour

    Fee subsidies available

    Hannah Davis


    Hannah is a passionate and enthusiastic counsellor who values the importance of integrating and understanding one’s faith and worldview into therapy. Hannah integrates various modalities into her practice with her focus on what best serves her clients’ goals. She values an holistic approach, integrating her studies in Natural Health Sciences, Diploma of Natural Health , she values and recognises the importance of the middle-three brain, heart and gut in supporting clients on their journey to live well.

    In counselling, Hannah cultivates a safe atmosphere for new clients, distinguished by respect, empathy, and reassurance. She adeptly supports various needs, from emotional and relational issues to mental health concerns and beyond.

    Hannah has completed her Bachelors of Applied Social Sciences Counseling and is a PACFA member.

    Email: helloitshannahdavis@gmail.com


    • Individual Sessions: $90 per hour
    • Couples Sessions: $120 per hour

    More to come

    LifeWell is continually looking for resources and courses that allow people to "Live Life Well".

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